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Youdawi On-Demand Services

Youdawi is the name of the game in today’s on-demand economy. Almost everything from medicines, food, groceries, to services are booked through mobile apps. The on-demand economy has taken off because, as a society, we've come to demand things faster – whether Internet content, movies from the theatre to home or products we order online.

Youdawi is making customer-supplier relationships less rigid. Designed to meet the consumer’s every possible wish, the Youdawi on-demand services is now transforming companies and the job market, and disrupting traditional players in many different sectors.

Youdawi is an on-demand service that connects clients with pre-screened, vetted, service providers. Receiving on-demand service has never been easier and here’s what you can expect:


Youdawi On-Demand Services make Your Life Easier and save you time

It's difficult to imagine what our life would have been like without these on-demand technologies of the world. on-demand platform is here to simplify our lives and made them more convenient.

Smartphones have been the game changer, the level of delivery and convenience is unprecedented. People can book a taxi, order groceries, hire plumbers or beauty services right from their smartphones. The demand for these services seems to be increasing almost every day.

Youdawi on-demand services is making our lives simpler and convenient; nearly everything we need or could want is now accessible via smartphone and can be delivered to our door in a matter of hours.

As the on-demand chores services allow you to do so. The home services now cover a wide range of household chores people would waste numerous hours on. But that was yesterday, and yesterday is over; nowadays we get to enjoy the following conveniences:

Hospital & SPA at your Doorstep. - Currently you can order one of them, or even both of them to come and visit your house. Starting from a massage and ending up with a blow-dry, health and beauty spheres are now accommodating the on-demand economy model as well.

Beauty services. - Users can order any beauty procedure (haircut, blow-dry, waxing, manicures etc.) to be done in salon, or hire a stylist freelancer to come and have their hair done in the comfort of their own home.


So, staying offline or opting for off-the-shelf mobile solutions is not a right thing to do! In a world with more than 70% of people using mobile devices, nothing can be as foolish as not adding to your business strategy.

As technology unlocks the ability to enable consumers to access many real-world services in the digital realm, is becoming the new “Uber for X” – to deliver services to consumers demanding instant gratification.

How will on-demand services benefit your business? Small-business owners who run service businesses often try to grow by offering products. If you own a service business, you know that expanding the services you offer can be a challenge.

Home owners and businesses are now able to purchase services from local service providers and pay online using on-demand services platform that offer the following benefits:


Several service providers are found in one platform making it very convenient for the customer to find a service. Rather that searching through several sites a customer only has to think of one.


Service providers can choose the times they want to work, also customers can schedule a job at their convenience because of having access to several service providers in one platform.

• Payment processing.

Youdawi manage the billing and the payment transactions, relieving the service provider of that responsibility and also making is easy for customer to follow up if need be.

Youdawi has a features that allow the provider to accept cash, credit or debit.

Appointment scheduling.

Because customers schedule services through the site, businesses have a central place to view their appointment calendar. enable businesses to monitor their calendar while out on jobs.

• You’re the boss.

 Earn money doing only the jobs you choose for people that you’re 100% happy to work with.